Jewelry Store and Gift Shop Chagrin Falls

Who We Are

Hedges is a hand curated boutique filled with unique pieces that are sure to help you stand out of the crowd. We provide customers with a personalized in-store experience. Each piece is handpicked by our owners and team members to best suit our biggest fans, you! 

We offer home goods, jewelry, accessories, and clothing. Our home goods are typically small run, one of a kind pieces only available in stores. We carry high-end jewelry lines that make great gifts for yourself and for others. These pieces really have that “WOW” effect. Accessories vary season to season, but we have some tried and true brands that help make us unique and give customers a new favorite piece. We carry smaller clothing lines that are a staple in any woman’s wardrobe. These items are always of high quality and they are pieces we have in our wardrobes as well.

Hedges was started by two crafty stay-at-home mom’s who wanted to put their skills to use. It was by sheer luck that they found the perfect retail space located in Chagrin Falls. We were the first store in the state of Ohio to carry Pandora and that is what helped us gain so much momentum. Since then we have added many lines, gone to many trade shows, and continued to expand. 

Hedges is a unique store experience because all of our sales associates truly care about each and every customer that walks in the door. In the world of online retailing, we recognize the importance in simple conversations and human interaction. We are here for you whether you need a birthday gift or you just need to treat yourself. Come in today to shop and meet the team that makes Hedges so special.