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Stay Sweet with Sugarfina

Stay Sweet with Sugarfina

Two words. Sugarfina Gummies. We love them, you love them, your grandma loves them. They truly are a treat known to please any age. They are packed with flavor, beautiful colors, and inventive shapes. As much as we love them by themselves, we also love to use them in an inventive way.

The champagne gummies are some of the most popular of the collection, and maybe why Sugarfina has become such a household name. These make the cutest gift for a baby shower, birthday, or graduation. Just don’t forget to keep some for yourself! The next time you buy some, try putting them in the freezer or the refrigerator. Cooling them down seems to make them more flavorful and keeps them fresher for longer!

Even though Sugarfina is known for their gummy bears, they also make some particularly yummy chocolates! The chocolate bars are quite popular and have fun add-ins that make some unique flavor combinations. Currently, in store, we have the Champagne Chocolate bar and a Cinnamon Cereal Bar. The champagne chocolate bar mixes the best of both worlds, the champagne bears and creamy, dreamy milk chocolate. The cinnamon cereal bar is just as it sounds, creamy white chocolate with pieces of cinnamon cereal.

And, just in, for anyone who is avoiding sugar we have NEW Sugar Free gummies! We have a few different flavors available, so you don’t have to miss out on all the fun.

We love Sugarfina and we know you will too! Come in today to shop Sugarfina and see the new arrivals.