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Relax with Harper + Ari

Relax with Harper + Ari

We’re on a winter storm watch and you should be too!

With a wild amount of harsh weather coming our way, what better way to combat it than with skincare? Over here at Hedges, we are skin-centered, especially in the winter.

Winter dries out your skin between the changes in temperature and all the wind, there is no better time to take care of your skin! And, with all the snow outside, who wants to go out anyway? Instead, stay in and pamper yourself. And, we’ve got you covered.

Need a relaxing bath to unwind after the day, or take those needed deep breaths? Our Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes are about to be your new best friend. There are so many fun flavors like Lemon, Coconut, and even Juice Cleanse! Simply start yourself a bath and grab a cube. Crumble the cube up a bit and add in some water to create an exfoliating scrub to use all over your body. If you have any rough patches, use extra

care to smooth it out.

To make your bath even better, light up a Harper + Ari candle in your favorite scent to pair with your sugar cube. These candles are new to us and smell just as great as the cubes.

Can’t commit to a scent? Buy a sampler set! We have the best sellers box that features the most popular scents. Test them out before you make a decision, then come back in to buy some more because we know you will be hooked.