Jewelry Store and Gift Shop Chagrin Falls

Brand Highlights


We love to support the local artists around Cleveland and Heather Moore is one of our favorites. She makes such beautiful pieces in her Cleveland studio using handmade stamps. These timeless pieces make the most perfect gift for any age. 


Pandora makes memorable jewelry items for every occasion. Whether you are looking to buy a ring, make a bracelet, or even getting your existing piece clean, we have you covered. We consistently get new items in, so be sure to check in for these fun pieces!

U Speaker

This speaker is our new go-to! It is such a powerful, small speaker that is so easy to throw in your bag and go. Not only can you listen to music, but you are also able to wirelessly take a picture with the small button on the bottom of the speaker. 


Teaspressa is one of those items that you didn’t realize you needed. The idea behind these super cute sugar cubes is that they customize your drink quick and easy! Pop them in hot tea, coffee, champagne, or even a mixed drink to add some fun flavor. 

TAYHAM greeting cards

These cards not only make funny pop culture references, but they also have some amazing art! With such a cute sense of humor, they have such fun images to complete them. They’re easy to add onto any purchase. 


How could we have a brand highlight and not highlight Sugarfina? Everyone loves Sugarfina. Sugarfina has such fun, inventive flavors that please any age. Fun fact: the majority of flavors are sourced from Germany, France, or Greece!